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Im an ambious woman, cuorius and with an intuitive understanding of IT, and mechanics. Im hungry for knowlegde and new experiences. I love sports, challenges, travel and meeting new people and cultures.

Basic schooling:

1994 - 2004 Elementry school - Lyngby/Ganlose
2004 - 2005 1st year of highschool - Stenlose
2012 - 2014 Completet single course highschool - KVUC - full diploma

Art schools:

2007 - 2008 Copenhagen technical acadamy - courses listed below
2015 - 2017 Mutimedia design and communication - KEA

Creative courses:

- Creative story telling
- Basics in filmography, photagraphy and business
- Digital photography, basics of studio work, Photoshop and InDesign
- Portfolio and webpage building


2004 - 2008 Cashier at shop and Kindergarden assistent in local neighborhood
2009 - current Shop assistent and Guide at Fjeld og Fritid
2013 - current Event climbing instructor at Blocs and walls Climbing gym
2014 - 2014 Kindergarden assistent at Legegod and Klatretraeet kindergardens
2014 - current lifeguard at Team bade copenhagen - (Public pools of copenhagen)


2003, 2004 Leadership, fall and spring - The Danish Guide And Scout Association
2012 Mountain rescue and first aid - Fjeldgruppen (Crisis handling)
2012 Bushcraft basics - Fjeldgruppen
2013 Tree climbing instrutor - Fjeldgruppen
2014 First aid basic and advanced

Volunteer work:

2004 - 2008 employee at bar suplier - Langelands festival
Guide for 12-16 year old in Kgs. Lyngby Troup The Danish Guide And Scout Association
Planing and executing courses for 10-12 year olds in The Danish Guide And Scout Association
Planing and executing courses for 12-23 year olds on Forlev Scouting Center

Leisure activities:

1996 to --> Scout at Kgs. Lyngby Troup. The Danish Guide And Scout Association
2005 to --> Softball at Stenløse Softball club
2005 to --> Climbing inside and out
2007 to --> Parkour and other gymnastics
2012 to --> Volunteer at Forlev Scouting Center
2006 to --> Surfing, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Diving, MTB,...

In my strive to always learn and try new things, I have been a helicopter pilot, first mate on the Oslo ferry, photographer and driven across USA at a young age, the list goes on. A continuous search for new experiences and new places.

About Me - Pernille Hjorth

I have a huge interest in the outdoor life, and exstreem sports, in general I am a fan of learning new stuff all the time. I grasp concepts and understand all sorts of stuff easily, I am also good at talking to all kinds of people.

I have previous work experience from sales and customer support, as I have on several occasions and on long stretches worked with sales at local shopping mart Kvickly, and later on as both guide and sales assistent in the outdoor equipment shop Fjeld and Fritid.

I am a very happy young woman at the age of 27, who loves being creative. I do take the opportunity whenever i can, to be so.

The statement that I can talk to all kinds op people is backed, by my work in both the accounting department of a huge construction firm, and in my role as kindergarden assistent, where I would have to talk to everybody arround me, from todler to senior citizen.

I am an active scout in Kongens Lyngby Troup, where I started my scouting career 19 years ago. It is a lovely and very active group, that commits to both basic scouting skills, and more exstreme adventures like, climbing and rapelling.

I simply love traveling and trying new things.

So far, my activities resume list exiting things such as, rapelling down a waterfall, climbed Killimanjaro (picture above) cave-, rock- and gym climbing, diving, mountain biking, snowboarding and what ever i kan get my hands on. I am a climbing instructor, and thus have teams regularly climbing in the gym, i also participate on my softball team two times a week. Other than that I try to have fun with movement, and testing my body as much as i can.

So that is a little bit about me.

Pernille Hjorth

Telephone: +45 2857-5017

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