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Im Pernille Hjorth

Allways on the move, creative, friendly and good with people of all ages, is some of the keywords to describe my essence

Im a cheerfull danish woman who loves interacting with different people and hearing their storries.

Im a travel addicted woman who have explored most continents of the world via car, bus, flights, boats, bikes, scooters, diving and walk- ing. Im currently residing in Copenhagen but have lived both in melbourne and Waikiki, which both was experiences i would have never been without as meeting new people and learning new skills have pushed me to where i am today.

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Situated on Nørrebro in Copenhagen

Email: Pernille@ph-oto.dk

Phone: +45 2857 5017

Pernille Hjorth

Just about finished as an interactive designer from the DMJX, with a flair for movement and using my hands combined with my creative mind