For my Bachelor thesis I invented an interactive tactile learning cube, intended for assisting in the element of learning through play throughout primary, secondary middle and high school. 
The cube is a remote device which implements in the games of the app, making the user ie the kids active while learning and sharing their experience and knowledge, giving them a deeper seated knowledge because they activate more modalities.
To make the app and scenes relatable the setting was one of imaginary creatures that stimulate the creativity needed for aiding learning in a fun way, a sidenote is that all of the characters are based on almost extinct animals.
what follows a series og shots of the characters in each their element, and some screendumps from the app itself. and a few photos of the interactive prototype I made with and Arduino, and a screen, plus the dummy cubes used for testing on school children of the right age.
The cube worked so that when prompted by the app you would run to the cube, see if this was the cube with the correct answers, if yes, you would shake it, which would relay to the app you answer. If you were correct, it would cheer you and and send you a new task. however if you were mistaken, and this is very important, it would encourage you to try again, and praise that you dared to try, which the reports on early education says gives the kids tenacity and perseverance. two VERY important trades for them to continuously educate them selves.
for any further questions, please dont hesitate to contact me.
The individual scenes had a character animation, in case the app was inactive for a while, to attract the attention of the user once again. examples follows.
The same was the case of the logo, it had two animations, one for the intro, and one for inactivity
In the end the final flow of the app, looked like this.
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